It all starts with a doodle

Hey there,

So it turned out that my major challenge with the Facebook Illustration Challenge that I’ve been involved with in the past is keeping up with the weekly themes! Also, my illustration work has evolved over the last 12 months, and I often don’t have any idea of how an artwork will turn out. It starts with a blank page and a doodle with a fineliner pen and then just sort of happens. A face will start to appear behind flowers, a bird or two will fly in and the foliage just grows and grows… sometimes off the page!

It’s been hard to fit this way of working to an actual theme but I’ve managed it for 4 weeks in a row. (Don’t ask me what happened to weeks 1 to 3 – I have to catch up!). Below are my results for weeks 4 to 7:

Week 4: Ode to Favourite Children’s Book
Week 5: Peacock
Week 6: Garden
Week 7: Botanical

Exciting news

Hello Hello! I have some very exciting news to share. One of my illustrations created for my challenge has been chosen along with 19 others to feature in the next issue of Tickle the Imagination magazine! You may have heard my whoops and cheers from wherever you are when the illustration winners were announced. Here is my illustration:

Cocoon_smallThe challenge was to create an illustration around the word “Cocoon” which could represent home and security. Tickle the Imagination is a beautiful independently produced magazine with a focus on handmade, craft and design in Australia, and is full of projects and ideas to inspire creativity. I’ve been a reader of this magazine for some time which makes this even more exciting for me. The “Cocoon” issue will be out some time in June.

I’ve let myself get behind with my Illustration challenges somewhat over the last few weeks. I’ve been putting all my energy into building my graphic design business, updating this website and working on new logo design projects for existing clients, as well as progressing with some new invitation designs for my Etsy shop.

But before I say adieu here is my last illustration challenge (before I got behind), theme is “Whimsy”. That’s it for now folks 🙂



New beginnings

I am currently reading an ebook by artist Kelly Rae Roberts. I’ve admired her for some time now, not just because I love her style but also because of her inspiring journey from social worker to successful artist.

The first piece of advice to jump out was to connect with your blog and be as genuine as possible. I’m a very guarded person so opening up doesn’t come too easily to me but from now on I’m going to try to inject a little more of “me” into my blog posts.

I’m not a writer. I’m a graphic designer and have been a graphic designer for around 20 years. Until earlier this year that was what I did, it was what I’ve always done and all I thought I could ever do. However, earlier this year I started an illustration challenge through facebook and all of a sudden I was back to being a child again when drawing, painting, making was all I wanted to do all day, every day. So inspired was I that ideas came tumbling into my head quicker than I could create them. The world suddenly seemed full of possibilities again. Maybe I could try to make something that people will actually want to buy…? How cool would that be?

I bravely opened an Etsy shop and started listing party printables that I had created for my own kids parties over the years plus a few more new designs. My excitement hit the roof when I got my very first order. So, that’s where I’m at. Every time I get a new order, the excitement is the same. Someone out there likes what I’m doing, hoorah! It’s early days yet and I’m still first and foremost a graphic designer but maybe one day I’ll also be able to officially call myself an entrepreneur with a flourishing home based business and… maybe, dare I be so bold… an artist. Not quite yet but maybe one day…

So that’s it really. This blog will be about me. Design. Illustration. Anything that makes me smile or inspires me really. Maybe some personal parenting anecdotes thrown in for good measure (although that’s a completely different story and almost worthy of a blog in its own right).

So for today, just words, none of my images to hide behind. Not exactly of the ground breaking, soul baring stuff but its a start.

Teddy Bears Picnic

If you go down to the woods today…

I’m so excited to have finished the illustrations for my little boys birthday party invitations, and picked them up from the printers this morning. Ok, so that’s the invites done, now I just have to think of some bear themed party games and decorations, oh yes, and the cake, of course…


I have been working on a few personal projects of late. These have been clogging up my brain for several months and it’s been so frustrating when there aren’t enough hours in the day for them to come to life! So lovely to finally have 2 illustrations in my “fairytale series” which I have been promising to a certain little 4 year old. Next illustration in the series is one for the boys…

Check out my Mookoo Facebook page for a colouring-in version of Little Red Riding Hood!

Meet Fairy Peggy…

A cold Sunday afternoon (for the Sunshine Coast anyway) spent indoors making peg dollies with my little girl. Brought back memories of making these with my mum, a very creative lady who I learn to appreciate more every day! Isn’t it funny how we don’t really understand what our mums do for us until we become mums ourselves? Anyway, Fairy Peggy and her friend Miss Lacy are now treasured friends of my little girl, made together with love, and therefore so much more valuable than all the expensive bought toys in the world!

Meet Fairy Peggy…

…and her (de-winged) friend, Miss Lacy
Settle Petal

As a mum of 2 young children, having the opportunity to work on a project specifically for mums and their babies is always close to my heart. So when Jan Murray, local author, private child health nurse and founder of Settle Petal, approached me to design covers for her latest books I jumped at the chance.

Here are the final designs…

Happy New Year

Resolutions. I make the usual “cut down on coffee and chocolate” ones every year, usually broken by New Years Day, but this year I resolve to nurture my blog. It has been very badly neglected thus far, and badly in need of some tender loving care, so here goes… happy new year and here’s to 2011 and fellow bloggers everywhere!

So, quite fittingly I thought, I would like my first blog of 2011 to reflect my feelings for the year ahead, and a recent find in a book shop seemed like the perfect place to start. The Secret Lives of Princesses – wow, the most amazing illustrations and slightly alternative and somewhat rebellious princesses all in one book. They even have their own website: Ok, I do kid myself when purchasing these books that they are for my daughter, but everyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for a beautifully illustrated children’s book.

So… which princess are you? I see myself as a cross between Princess Somnia (ha, ha, I wish with 2 small children) and Princess Oblivia (mainly because I love her hat, but also because I always seem to be the last one to drop off at Kindy!)