It all starts with a doodle

Hey there,

So it turned out that my major challenge with the Facebook Illustration Challenge that I’ve been involved with in the past is keeping up with the weekly themes! Also, my illustration work has evolved over the last 12 months, and I often don’t have any idea of how an artwork will turn out. It starts with a blank page and a doodle with a fineliner pen and then just sort of happens. A face will start to appear behind flowers, a bird or two will fly in and the foliage just grows and grows… sometimes off the page!

It’s been hard to fit this way of working to an actual theme but I’ve managed it for 4 weeks in a row. (Don’t ask me what happened to weeks 1 to 3 – I have to catch up!). Below are my results for weeks 4 to 7:

Week 4: Ode to Favourite Children’s Book
Week 5: Peacock
Week 6: Garden
Week 7: Botanical

Doodle Days

In between graphic design jobs I do like to get my pens and watercolours out for some handdrawn illustrations these days. However, just recently, I feel like I may have lost my “mojo” a little in that direction. Every time I’ve tried to put pen to paper recently, it just hasn’t felt right, and the idea has quickly been rejected as quickly as it formed.

One sheet of black paper, one white pen and one gold pen soon changed that as I got involved in a small “doodle” which grew and grew from the centre outwards (and is still going). It’s so true that art should be fun, and I have to say this was just what I needed to get a little of that “mojo” back.



Hello 2015

So, I’m not sure when it officially becomes too late to say “Happy New Year”, and since we’re already out of January I suspect I’ve missed the boat there somehow. The end of 2014 went by in a flash of Christmassy excitement, and the new school year kicked off here in Australia last week.

And so I find myself with no little ones at home for the first time in around 8 years. I suddenly have 5 days a week to work instead of 3. Ok, maybe “days” is pushing it when you’re talking about the school day, averaging out at about 5 working hours per day between drop offs, pick ups and all the bits in-between (and let’s not even get started on school holidays!).

But. It’s still 2 days more than I had last year and I’m having quite a productive time of it so far. I’m going to kick off my “Hello 2015” blog post with some illustration challenges. I’ve joined the 52 week Challenge again this year, and so far I’m keeping up! Compared to my entries from this time last year I think my style has vastly improved. I’m very much enjoying doing handdrawn illustration with copic fineliner and watercolours, which for me is a complete turnaround from the digital illustration that I’ve specialised in for the last few years.

Anyway, 4 weeks in and here are the weekly challenges to date:

Week 1: Fairytale.

Week 1: Fairytale

Week 2: Italy – Venus meets Valentino….

Week 2: Italy

Week 3: Retro – Fashion in the 70’s

Week 3: Retro

Week 4: Insects No. 1 (I was super inspired this week and completed 2 illustrations for the theme).


Week 4: Insects No. 2


Next weeks challenge: Kitchen…