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Illustration Challenges Week 1 and 9

Here are my latest illustrations for my weekly challenges. I’m a little behind at the moment but here is my Tree for Week 9 – I used Copic fine pen on watercolour paper, and then dawdled around for a week trying to decide whether adding colour would ruin it… Finally did it because the urge to paint it was too much. The results turned out quite differently, and I still can’t decide which I prefer.

I also went right back to the beginning and finished Eggs (this was the first challenge way back in January). Because it’s taken me so long to do this one it seemed appropriate to make it an Easter themed one! Mind you, I think I may have spotted my first easter eggs to buy in the shops before Santa even had time to put his sleigh away this year!

Hope you enjoy looking at my illustrations this week.

Week 9: Tree.

Pen and ink on watercolour paper
Same as above with a watercolour wash added.

Week 1: Eggs.

Digitial illustration in Adobe Photoshop, with photographed backgrounds and fabrics.

children's illustration, Illustration

More from my Illustration Challenge

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my weekly Illustration Challenges! Here are a few of the challenges from the last few weeks. I’ve almost caught up on all the illustrations now. Next week’s challenge…. Tree.

Week 2: Kids.

Digital illustration in Adobe Illustrator, with fabric and grass photography
Digital illustration in Adobe Illustrator, with fabric and grass photography

Week 5: Flower

Watercolour pencils on heavy watercolour paper.
Watercolour pencils on heavy watercolour paper.

Week 6: Machinery

Pen on paper
Pen on paper

Week 7: Watercolour

Digital illustration using watercolour effects in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
Digital illustration using watercolour effects in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Week 8: Cross-hatching

Fine pen on paper.
Fine pen on paper.





52 Week Illustration Challenge

Hello! I hope everyone has had a great start to 2014. I’ve kick-started my new year by joining a Facebook Illustration Challenge – one illustration a week for 52 weeks. I’ve only just joined so still trying to catch up on the first 4 weeks. A theme is set each week to work to and posted every Wednesday. I have to say it’s having a fantastic effect on my motivation after getting the little ones back to school and kindy. Definitely getting that creative vibe back after 6 weeks of doing things with the kids!

This is my most recent illustration which was Week 4: “Selfie”. I illustrated myself aged 6 years old in Adobe Illustrator. Using my very first school photograph as reference brought back memories of my first “proper” haircut, and a favourite soft red cardigan knitted by my lovely mum.


Week 3’s illustration theme was “Caravan”. For this one I moved away from my computer screen for a change, and got out my old watercolour pencils and watercolour pad. Half of my pencils are now missing, due to my kids messy art sessions, so I had a slightly limited colour palette (hence the blue wheel, couldn’t find black anywhere!), but it was refreshing to draw and paint, and not have an “undo” button to change any mistakes! I finished off my illustration with a bit of doodling in ink over the top.


I still have to catch up on Week 1 which was “Egg”, and Week 2 which was “Kids”, so watch this space! I’m a bit higgledy piggledy so I may end up doing this weeks challenge first, which is “Flower”….

Kids Craft Activities

Kid’s Christmas Craft

ImageWow, can you believe that it’s only 10 more sleeps to Christmas? We’re on the countdown in our house now that school has finished, but trying to keep the kids occupied with one of our favourite past times, Arts and Crafts. This year, with lots of gifts to send overseas to family, we decided to make a few of our own, and set to work making little tree decorations to send to Grandparents. This was the best activity for my kids as it involved clay – so exciting!! Clay is magical in our house – it guarantees peace and harmony for at least an hour…

Here are the “ingredients” for our clay decorations: We used small cookie cutters for the shapes, Fimo Modelling Clay (we used white but it comes in all different colours), interesting shapes to make patterns in the clay and Silver glitter paint to put the sparkle in. Oh and to finish them off we used red and white string to tie them onto our tree.

ImageFirst we flattened our clay, and punched out different shapes. Then, carefully put holes in for the ties, and decorated with different patterns.

ImageOnce dry, our next step was to add some sparkles, and pretty ties….

Image….and here are the finished decorations! Since these were for Grandparents, we “engraved” them on the reverse with a personal message, or you could use fingerprints too.

ImageImageWe were having so much fun, that we made extras, then went for a walk to collect some interesting looking branches. Placing the whole lot in a large silver vase we stood back to admire our hard work….

ImageOur finished decorations are not perfect, but I think that’s part of their beauty, and so much love and thought went into each one that was going to be sent overseas.

Children's Parties

Party Printables

Well, it’s been a busy year. I’ve had lots of ideas during 2013, but frustratingly difficult to find the time to allow each one to develop. However, I have finally made a tentative start with my Party Printables range.MookPP_Logo_onPaperMy Vintage Teddy Bear’s Picnic is now available to purchase in blue or pink, and each design includes a personalised A6 invitation, personalised welcome poster, personalised chocolate bar wrappers, party flags, party decorative spots, party bag/thank you tags. These are all supplied as hi-res pdfs for you to print at home. I am also including a bonus themed colouring in sheet which can either be put into your party bags, or used during the party (when over-excited and sugar-high little party guests need a quiet activity!)

MooPartyPrint_TeddyBoy MooPartyPrint_TeddyGirlVintage Teddy Bear’s Picnic will be available to purchase in my Etsy shop soon, but in the meantime please check out my Facebook page for the designs and ordering details. Alternatively, email for more information.

Mookoo Design

Mookoo Design New Website


Out with the old and in with the new! I’ve re-designed and refreshed my Mookoo Design website with a brand new look. I’m so pleased with the results, and very excited to share the new design. Re-designing my website has also given me a new lease of life with my illustrations. I think I am quite possibly at my happiest when I’m illustrating something, when all sense of time goes out of the window!

Here are a couple of illustrations of Mookoo rabbit, the floppy bunny owned by my daughter, who inspires my business!



Teddy Bears Picnic

If you go down to the woods today…

I’m so excited to have finished the illustrations for my little boys birthday party invitations, and picked them up from the printers this morning. Ok, so that’s the invites done, now I just have to think of some bear themed party games and decorations, oh yes, and the cake, of course…

Digital vs traditional, Sleeping Beauty
Digital vs. traditional

I’ve been experimenting with different techniques for my illustrations and decided to create a digital version of my Sleeping Beauty painting, using Adobe Illustrator. They have both turned out so different, I’m not sure which one I prefer! Time wise, the digital one took me a few hours, whereas the painting took several weeks! Also, the “undo” button would be very handy if it could be applied to a painting as well as computers…

Sleeping Beauty in digital – Adobe Illustrator

Sleeping Beauty in acrylic on canvas

Sketchbook Project
The Sketchbook Project

“It’s like a concert tour, but with sketchbooks.” I love how inspired The Sketchbook Project ( has made me feel. Encouraging anyone around the world to create a themed sketchbook that will enter into a permanent collection at The Brooklyn Art Library, where they will be available for viewing by the public. 

Not sure I will hit that particular deadline, but, in a world of technology and computers, it has reminded me of how much importance my art tutors used to place on keeping a sketchbook on you at all times and building up a picture diary. Something, sadly, that I am very guilty of neglecting! So here goes… back to the drawing board (literally) and a brand new book to fill with my ideas!

So my book has a title… so now what…?

My doodlings