Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty

Another personal project for my 4 year old “client”. This has been my obsession for the last few weeks. My brief was Sleeping Beauty, and she must be beautiful, and have long golden hair. Hope the finished creation meets the brief for my discerning client…

Here is the finished painting in acrylic on canvas:

…and here is a (much requested) step by step tutorial about how Sleeping Beauty came to life (or sleep). I remembered to take lots of painting in progress photos this time!

Step 1: A (very) rough sketch in pen on paper

Step 2: Transfer sketch to the canvas in pencil

Step 3: The first splash of colour on a clean white canvas.
Painting in the large areas – starting with the hair… 

…and then the background

Step 4: With most of the large areas of colour roughly in place,
I then start to add some detail to the hair and face.

Step 5: Adding more detail, and wondering, at this stage, if this painting
is ever going to come together the way I can picture it in my mind!
Have to tell myself to have faith.

Step 6: Keep adding the detail and colour depth.
This is where I get obsessive and my 4 year old
keeps asking “is it finished now Mummy?”

Step 7: Many late nights (and a few changes) later…
Put the paint brushes down and move away from the canvas!!!
Finished at last!
Now I’ve got the bug… what shall I paint next…? 


I have been working on a few personal projects of late. These have been clogging up my brain for several months and it’s been so frustrating when there aren’t enough hours in the day for them to come to life! So lovely to finally have 2 illustrations in my “fairytale series” which I have been promising to a certain little 4 year old. Next illustration in the series is one for the boys…

Check out my Mookoo Facebook page for a colouring-in version of Little Red Riding Hood!

Meet Fairy Peggy…

A cold Sunday afternoon (for the Sunshine Coast anyway) spent indoors making peg dollies with my little girl. Brought back memories of making these with my mum, a very creative lady who I learn to appreciate more every day! Isn’t it funny how we don’t really understand what our mums do for us until we become mums ourselves? Anyway, Fairy Peggy and her friend Miss Lacy are now treasured friends of my little girl, made together with love, and therefore so much more valuable than all the expensive bought toys in the world!

Meet Fairy Peggy…

…and her (de-winged) friend, Miss Lacy
Coastal rebranding

A slap on my wrist for neglecting my blog again… been trying to keep my Facebook page up-to-date with new work but my poor little blog has been missing out!

Here are a few of my designs for a recent complete rebranding for a local Physiotherapist…

Logo rebranding for Coastal Physiotherapy

Business cards

Website redesign – visit the new website at

Paper dolls
Paper dolls

One of the great things about being a mum is remembering and reliving all the things you used to love to do as a child. Kind of like a second childhood. So, who enjoyed making paper dolls more? My little ones or their mummy? Let’s just say that I was still sat at the table sticking bits of paper and sparkly stuff onto my creation long after everyone else had lost interest… and here is my end result. So much fun!

Love, nourish and indulge. Oz Goddess Natural Skincare, Packaging, Posters
Love, nourish and indulge

I get very involved in all of my projects (I think I may even design and illustrate things in my sleep!) so I am very excited to see the Oz Goddess products taking shape at last. Here is the final poster and packaging designed to promote this new range of natural skincare products. I had a lovely email of appreciation back from my client, Courtney, which is one of the best parts of my job (the best part being the actual design bit, of course!)

Illustration tutorial
The Mookoo girl

A friend recently asked me how I created the illustration of the girl used on my business cards, which is also used as my blog icon, and can also be found gracing my main portfolio page on my website. After I had described my process involving a combination of hand drawn illustration, photography and Photoshop she suggested that it would make an interesting blog, so here goes… this one is for you Donna!

1. The original face was hand drawn in black ink on white
textured paper, then photographed and opened in Photoshop.

2. I photographed a selection of different textures (interesting 
fabrics, painted canvases etc.) and pasted them into the face, 
hair and flower, tweaking the colours where necessary.

3. Details in the face (white behind eyes, pink cheeks and the lips)
were then added using the airbrush tool in Photoshop.

4. Another close up fabric photograph was used 
for the background of my business card.

5. The torn scraps of paper which hold the words Mookoo Design
were crumpled, photographed and then brought into Photoshop
and shadows added manually to give the illusion of depth. 

6. The final wording was overlayed, and the
Mookoo Design business cards were created!
Print and Pattern by Bowie Style

Print and Pattern

One of my favourite, favourite blogs is Print & Pattern by Bowie Style Dedicated to all things gorgeous in the world of surface pattern design, this blog never fails to inspire me and always reminds me why I became a designer myself. 

Even better you can also buy the “book of the blog” which is packed with gorgeous illustrations and fascinating profiles about talented designers from all over the world. Of course, this gorgeous book is now on my special bookshelf nestled between all the beautifully illustrated children’s books which have been purchased “for my little girl”.