About mookoo

Welcome to Mookoo Design. I’m Deborah, the owner and senior graphic designer at Mookoo. With an extensive background in corporate branding and over 20 years experience in the Creative and Advertising Industries in the UK and Australia, my style ranges from whimsical hand drawn illustrations to clean, contemporary graphic design.

I established Mookoo Design in 2009 after the birth of my second baby, when the practicalities of raising a small family no longer suited the fast pace and frequently unsociable hours of working for an Advertising Agency. I took the leap from employee to being my own boss after a good friend (who was in the process of publishing her book about Motherhood) asked for my involvement in designing her a website which reflected the content of her book. She gave me the push and the confidence I needed to start out on my own. Since then, I have been lucky to have the best of two worlds. I get to work with some lovely and inspiring clients, doing what I love; and to my children, I’m a stay-at-home mum (albeit one who still occasionally works in the wee small unsociable hours).


I’ve been very fortunate to work with some wonderful entrepeneurs over the last 5 years, and have seen many fledgling businesses flourish into something truly amazing. Many of my clients are mums with a vision just like me, wanting to create something that fits in with a busy family schedule. For each project, I use all my previous experience in marketing to create beautiful branding and design which breathes life into their ideas and turns their dream into a reality.

Last year, I also had the opportunity to turn my own little dream into a reality and launched my own range of printable party stationery and wall art now for sale through my Etsy shop.


Why not send me an email today: studio@mookoodesign.com.au and find out how I can shape your ideas into beautiful branding and design?